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Fix SD XD Card USB Drive Data Recovery

We repair defective flash storage media like SD, SDHC, Micro SD, XD, USB sticks, etc.
What we do. We help her to rescue data when all seems lost. We collect their data in 90%
All the cases back. How we do it?
We build your flash memory device grapple. Solder the memory chip out. And try with special
Read software and hardware your Data!

In general, there are two reasons why the data on SD, XD card and stick CUSB no longer accessible.

1) logical harm. Error on the map by destroying the file system. You no longer have access to the data. The card is recognized but still. This problem prevents access to the data / pictures.

2) Flash-memory hardware is defective. Electrical damage to the hardware of the memory card. This type of damage occurs in more than 80% of all known cases. This problem occurs for example by an electrostatic discharge on. Or by a power cut. Flash devices include a memory chip and a controller. The controller writes and reads data from the memory chip. In most cases, the recovery of a flash card with a damaged
Controller and memory chips no longer possible.

Datenrettung Spezielle Hard- und Software macht eine Datenrettung möglich.

The memory card or USB stick would be Formats? A format is needed? Try it. Through the broken controller, can not format the Memory Card! What you can do now to get to the important Data up?

The krMedia-Data-Rrecovery-Process: When the Memory Card or USB flash drive is not recognized in the camera or PC, we can help recover data. What do we do? We solder the memory chips. So we get a direct access to the data with a NAND-FLASH-READER. krMedia Data Recovery is a company for data recovery from flash memory cards (Secure Digital SD [Mini SD, Micro SD, SDHC Memory Card, SDHC Plus], Picture Card, Compact Flash CF, MMC Multimedia Card, Memory Stick [MS, MS Pro, MS Pro Duo ], xD Picture Card) / USB Flash Drives (USB stick). We operate worldwide. Our rescue laboratory is located in Germany near Cologne. Still have questions? Then they use our Contact Form.

What differentiates our offering from the competition?

krMedia Data Recovery specializes in the rescue of their data from memory cards and USB sticks. We do not process hard drives. We are specialists in data recovery from SD cards and USB sticks. We rescue any data from other media!

You know in advance what is the price for the service (pricing).
krMedia operates a no-data, no-fee policy and offers complimentary media analysis on their memory cards. Ie. You pay only on success. No data, No charge.

Payment only after you have checked the result, and with the restored image and data samples are satisfied. If all the recovered files are not wanted or needed to be, they need not pay our bill. Our service is then charged for them. We will not claim the money. The agreement is therefore invalid and will be solved.

When can we Files / Images Rescue?

  • Accidental deletion of data
  • Card will be formatted (memory controller can be damaged!)
  • No accidental formatting Manufacturing from: Canon Ixus / Powershot, Casio Exilim, Olympus Camedia/u830)
  • Abort Leer Ion Battery defective memory card controller.
  • Storage medium is not detected corrupted memory card controller.
  • Error messages such as: memory error - card unreadable
  • During the transfer to the PC, the images were damaged or have disappeared.
  • Damage caused by external influences (fluids, heat, dirt)
  • Physical damage, without memory chip destruction


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